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Agility Women's Collection
Agility Women's Collection


Our ROYER women's collection brings a breath of fresh air into the work boot market! The all-new models stand out for their unique and refined design, that encompasses comfort, style and durability. ROYER is proud to support women in the workforce and provide products that can fit and keep up with them every step of the way.

Features and Benefits

Unique and refined design

Women are becoming more and more prominent in non-traditional fields, and ROYER is here to offer equally distinctive products. That's why our team has engineered unique, refined and robust designs. A fit perfectly adapted to the feminine foot, and particular attention to the detail makes the AGILITY Women's Collection a perfect addition to the worksite.


The Women's Collection, based on the revolutionary AGILITY platform, provides unmatched comfort and are 25% lighter than most comparable boots. At ROYER, we understand that having a lightweight boot is a difference-maker and is why we have invested in cutting-edge PU technologies to develop a full range of lightweight products.


Exceptional attention to detail has been paid to the AGILITY's Women's Collection in terms of design. This attention to detail is reflected in the choice of premium materials. The high-end leather used for the boot's upper offers a finished product with superior resistance. Added to this are high-quality and carefully chosen components, such as a breathable and comfortable R-LITE insole. Like the Men's AGILITY Men's Collection, the outsole is assembled in Canada at our Lac-Drolet and Sherbrooke plants.

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