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For professionals that require boots without safety components, our UNIFORM Collection is the perfect fit. Inspired from the AGILITY platform, the UNIFORM Collection offers a wide variety of models available without a protective toecap or puncture-resistant insole. The UNIFORM Collection provides the same instant comfort that the ROYER AGILITY platform is known for.



All models in the UNIFORM Collection bear the internationally renowned Gore-Tex technology. GORE-TEX is a micro-porous laminated membrane based on expanded Teflon. The boot liner offers both waterproof and breathable elements. The membrane pores are small enough to repel liquids from the outside of the boot, but large enough to allow perspiration to evaporate.


Built on the AGILITY platform, products Collection Uniform are lightweight and offer an athletic fit, resulting in instant comfort. Comfort is enhanced by the removable ROYER R-Lite insole, best known for its ability to keep its shape after each use. All models within the UNIFORM Collection are available in two widths to be regular and wide respectively.


For several years, VIBRAM® has been the leader in high-performance rubber soles for various types of footwear. With constant investment in innovation, research and development, VIBRAM® is able to offer unique and tailored solutions and technologies to the end-user. The yellow octagonal symbol that is found on the soles of the UNIFORM Collection symbolizes quality and safety that carries the VIBRAM® reputation worldwide.

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