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"At ROYER, we believe in honest relationships, quality and a job well done. We share with our founder, Louis-Philippe Royer, the desire to do things right. We give the utmost respect those whom every day put their heart and souls into their work for their family, their community and humanity.

Respect is central to ROYER. It results in products that perform, through attention to detail in everything we do. We believe that when we keep our promises and deliver a product of the highest quality, we're doing things right.

In the face of adversity, we roll up our sleeves. We’re not afraid of challenges. We are survivors of the Canadian footwear industry. Disciplined, hardworking, stubborn, we are determined to make work boots and shoes in North America that surpass all expectations. It's in our DNA."

- Simon La Rochelle, CEO



Respect is synonymous with ROYER and is ingrained in our DNA. It results in products that perform and exceed expectations. From the choice of materials and attention to detail in everything we do, we believe in "doing things right", keeping our promises and delivering a product of the highest quality.


At ROYER, we attach great importance to doing things right, down to the last detail. We strive to "get it right", no shortcuts. We are proud of each pair of boots worn by our customers. We believe that, from the design to the marketing of our products, the biggest demonstration of our pride is through the quality of our work.


The "status quo" is not enough; we strive for excellence. Creators of ideas and instigators of change, we are continually working to push the limits of what is possible. We believe we can always do better and are not afraid to do otherwise. To get there, we do not hesitate to give the extra effort, to surround ourselves with the best and innovate.
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Canadian manufacturing is at the heart of ROYER’s identity. From the first artisan workshop in 1934 to the modern facilities of today. From the founder to son to grandson, knowledge has been passed from generation to generation while technologies have evolved. One thing has not changed: the pride of making truly Canadian boots and shoes by hand.

All those whom every day put their heart into their work, for their families and communities, deserve the very best. They deserve boots and shoes that will keep up with them.

ROYER gives the greatest respect to those who are dedicated to doing things right. We admire and strive to be like those who persist and persevere, those who are stubborn, those who resist and who are determined to make in North America what others don't dare to.

As true survivors of the Canadian footwear industry, we've proven to all the sceptics that it is possible to exist and thrive right here, with us, among us.

We are proud Canadians, strong and free!

Lac-Drolet. Quebec. Canada.

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